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Nanto Koshuu Ken (South Star Lone Eagle Fist) (never called anything but Nanto Seiken in the series or manga) Man of Jun-sei (Martyr's star) Was a very close friend of Kenshiro, however, he idolized Yuria from afar. Jagi was able to convince him that in the new world, someone more ambitious than Kenshiro would be needed to prevent Yuria from falling into harm's way. Shin defeated Kenshiro, poking the seven holes in the image of Hokuto onto his chest, and took Yuria with him. Later, he called himself King and raised an army of thugs to build himself an empire, building Yuria the city of Southern Cross. Yuria was unable to accept that so much evil was being done in her name, and seemingly leapt to her death. At the request of the Nanto Goshasei Ken, Shin agreed to pretend Yuria was dead to keep Raoh from taking over Southern Cross to get her. Kenshiro later pursued Shin and defeated him with "Hokuto Juuji Zan" (Hokuto Cross Kill), inscribing Shin's logo of the bloody cross on his chest. Shin leapt to his death, maintaining that Yuria had died.